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force-recheck=no dice


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I apologize for the caps before hand. This is for all the people who would like to cut to the chase. My internet connection has recently been dropping to an insanely low level. After calling the ISP and got a workman, I was told the modem was not the problem. NOT THE POINT. THIS IS: Beforehand, I believed uTorrent was inapropriately configured. i deleted all of the settings files in the %Appdata%......folder. now, My torrent, and download folder have all been reset, and i lost all my loaded torrents. After adding all of the torrents that i kept in a folder THEY ARE ALL TRYING TO DOWNLOAD ALL OVER AGAIN. I have attempted to set the destinations to their original folders and then rechecking. none of the files are found and the torrent begins to download agian. WHATS THE PROBLEM?

Thanks in advance

Also: when I try to set the destinatin to the original folder:Desktop/Downloads, i check a torrent and open containing folder. Then it takes me to Brooxmetro/Downloads

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I did, On my desktop, there is a folder called Downloads. In this folder, there are numerous other folders, plus some folderless files. When uTorrent is pointed towards the download folder, It takes itself to C://users/brooxmetro/documents/downloads

Here is what uTorrent is set to:errorvx7.th.jpg

Here is what uTorrent is gining me:error2sg6.th.jpg

This is what uTorrent should be giving me:error3in4.th.jpg

Im sorry if this doesn't make any sense



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