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Speeds can't go past 70kps


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Everytime i download, the speed nv goes past 70kps.

No matter how many seeds it has or what my settings r. I dun think it ever went above 70kps.

Even when i download non-bittorrent files, the speed starts off at around 150kps, and then immediately drops to something like 69.6kps. Obviously staying just below 70kps.

When i did the Glasnost test, the results says nothing limits my downloads

For the speed test the results are 515kps dl and 126kps. I tried setting the connection type at speed guide to xx/128k but nothing changed.

My internet connection is: Hi-Speed ADSL Res upto 3.0MB

Plz help!

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If the speed test says you're only getting 515 kilobits/second...that's only going to be about 64 KiloBYTES/second max.

Your ISP may have assigned your line incorrectly to a lower speed setting...or that's the fastest speed that can be reached at your location due to the distance from your location to the ADSL DSLAM switch.

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I have a Mac and my maximum down speed is around 75 kbp.

On the test I scored 2Mbs, and I'm just wondering why my speed is so slow. Is it 'cause I'm using Mac?

I'm relatively new to this torrent stuff so please bear with me.

I thought that I could download in speeds up to some Mbs, is that wrong?

I have followed the set-up guide.

Greetings from Norway

(forgive my poorly english) ;)

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