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Another Disk Overload Issue...


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hey guys, i have been reading ALL OVER THE INTERNET on how to fix this issue, and NOTHING WORKS! it is getting extremely frustrated. here are my specs basically


amd athlon 64 processor 3200+

896mb ram

hdd - 2TB Western Digital Mirror Edition set to Raid 0 USB 2.0

11MB/S Internet Connection

Settings on utorrent:

Have all downloads going to L:\ which is my Ext HDD

I set the speed guide at xxx/768k

upload rate 72kb/s

max download rate 1000kb/s

global maximum 400

max connected per torrent 100

upload slots per torrent 5

protocol encryption enabled

max number active torrents 3

max number downloads 2

Advanced Disk Cache -

Override 450mb

reduce memory usage

enable caching disk writes

write out untouched

enable caching of disk reads

turn off read caching

remove old blocks

disable windows caching read and write

basically what is happening is i get 2 downloads going and if the speed all together reaches 1200kb/s for too long, it generally hits the disk overload. i have to put my disk caching at 450 otherwise it will do it much much more quickly. then of course it takes up all of my computer memory, making other things run slow. i just defragged my hdd and it said there were no problems, and there is 1TB left so i know i have enough space. can someone please help me, i have been dealing with this for WEEKS and i am about to say screw it and drop utorrent!!

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Sorry to jump on someone else's thread, but I've been searching the net for weeks on this and not found ONE successful solution to this.

My uTorrent downloads go to my C: Drive which is internal SATA.

I have played around with the Disk Cache settings according to various recommendations on this forum, but with no joy.

Disk overload is only ever 100%, but only part of the time. Sometimes uTorrent runs fine. At other times I check it and Disk Overload is 100%, downloads are slow, and will not complete. They show as 99.9% and won't go any further. Upon restarting the app, uTorrent runs the "Check" procedure, and the true download progress is revealed as being lower, generally nowhere near 99.9%.

If anyone has the solution, please HELP! I would be eternally grateful.

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