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i just don't know what i am doing!


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if u now any port which is open, go to preferences and then network (its for mac, but should work with windows as well). there u can choose ur port.

Otherwise u have to set up ur firewall or router for it. depending on ur firewall and ur router, you might have to do it for both of them.

depending on ur maufactur there are different ways to do this, but it should work nearly equal for every tech. get to the menu of internet or security and there u shall find what u need to manually forward ur port.

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i have windows vista.  what you wrote sounded like blah blah blah.  i am not very computer literat at all whatsoever.  i basically need some steps to do to fix this problem.  I really do appreciate any help that i can get.  this is the only way that i can get help in a timely matter. I have a listing in windows firewall of utorrent(tcp-in) and one for utorrent(udp-in), does this mean that it is set up for the firewall.  it is all green and has all the same check marks as other programs. when i test my port and it comes up with the error message. what should i do? is there something else that I can use other than a $30 program that they are trying to squeeze out of me? and what does portfowarding do?

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Do you have UPnP activated at your router? As I said (this "blah blah blah") you have to do it twice depending on your router. Just in case ur using a router. That means you r using a box between your modem and your pc. No matter whether ur using an usb stick (wireless LAN) or LAN... UPnP makes it easy - but dangerous, too. Any app can open ports if requested.

Router have this function, because they are possible network places and the only station next to the world wide web. They prevent infinite access to your network. And ur datas. And ur PC with uTorrent (which does nothing but open a bridge to communicate with many many networks).

Even me as a non-native speaker should have gotten it so far.

What u did with ur firewall is perfect. here you open/close ports. a router is just like a machine whereas your pc is you, a human. the router simply portforwards to you, so allows to connect to you...(!? ^^). thats the difference.

UDP (mostly) outgoing

TCP (mostly) incoming

check your firewall if you have the same ports open for tcp/udp.

and if they are linked with your correct (static?) ip.

some ports are notorious for p2p. they are closed by your isp (blacklisted). some others have special functions and are reserved. follow his guide and google. it cant be hard...

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