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Upload cap random failure


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I looked on the board and this is not the issue:


I don't have another bittorrent user on my network.

The issue is that uTorrent sometimes ignores my "Global Upload Rate Limiting" and the Torrent's specific upload rate limit which I set to 25kbyte. I set the torrents priority to "low" and it was slamming my connection at about 50kbyte when I set the torrents priority back to "normal" the rate limit kicked in and it dropped back down to 25kbyte. This happens randomly and I'm not sure what triggers it. Too bad uTorrent isn't open source, maybe I could give you more information. Or if this keeps happening I'll have to move to more stable client because slamming my upload trashes my ping time. Also I wish "low" priority meant that it would try and satisfy all other torrents and whatever is left over would be used. I guess this would be a "lowest" priority.


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