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Close app. on single click?


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Hi, I am working on a remote control program for my home server. The task the program is programmed for is to shutdown uTorrent when my family pc starts up. Because the rest of my family has been pretty mad about me stealing all the bandwidth for downloading/uploading.

So the program starts with the family pc, and sends a text string to my server and tell's it to close uTorrent. When the family pc shuts down my program starts uTorrent again.

It all works perfectly, exept one small thing; when my program sends the WM_CLOSE command to uTorrent, uTorrent responds by flashing the "do you really want to exit" - messagebox. And that kills all my plans, because I cannot press the yes button and therfore I cannot get uTorrent to exit.

So is there any way for me to get rid of the "do you really want to exit" - messagebox?

Or do any of you know any API calls I can use to press the "yes"- button on the messagebox?

BTW: I'am using Visual Basic 6

And if anyone thinks my english is bad, it's because i am from Norway.

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