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Cannot Seed [uTorrent drains my Internet connection] ?DOS Attack?


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XP Sp3



ESET Smart Security


NAT Router (ADSL) Router IP - PC IP address (see log below)

Combo fix

It is very simple: Anytime I launch utorrent.exe, there is a huge load of connections. It freezes the computer, but utorrent connections are good, ONLY I cannot use anything else. Even when utorrent has little or no activity (no download/little seeding) there are a huge amount of connections. As soon as I strop utorrent.exe, everything comes back to normal.

Virus check: nothing

Malware check: nothing

Combo fix: nothing

When using utorrent.exe:

System error message


Firewall log (Sample) - image too big, click on the thumnail


Help anyone. I did try changing the port with no effect. utorrent.exe is set to accept any connection from any port (I guess that's the default) with my firewall. I don't know much about TCP/IP transmission and TCP/UDP ports. Obviously utorrent.exe is used to connect my computer in or out and use my DSL ressource.


I found my answer there:


Case close

Ps. F...... Eset settings

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net.max_hlfopen (what's that) is set to 8, however the simple setting in ESET GUI did solve the problem and I can now seed and do my part for the community without affecting my activity.

Do you have a link with utorrent.exe advance settings explained? The manual?


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