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Beginers' question


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Huh, I'm pretty experienced at forums in general, but I didn't manage to find how to quote your questions. Have to do it manually...

Have you the green icon in uT task bar ?


What is the tracker status of your torrent ?

Tracker status was "Failure...", but I assumed that was a natural result of having all previous parameters "not allowed".

Are you saying that I can have DHT, Local Peer Discovery and Peer Excange all not allowed and still have a good tracker status?

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Exact message is clearly depressive:

Failure: Torrent deleted or not in a pool yet

So my only hope was that I got such a message because of bad configuration... Thank you anyway

And to avoid opening another thread, one question more:

I just tried another torrent and failed again. My uTorrent says that a torrent is invalid, although site seems reliable and the torrent apparently has 464 hits...

Can somebody check this torrent, please? I mean, if the torrent is good, then something with my configuration is bad...

Thank you in advance

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