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Unusually persistant speed problem. Help!!!


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Ok I will start from the beginning by giving the system details first then the weird stuff that happened with my speed. About 5 months ago I switched from XP to Vista Home Premium (SP 1). My computer is an HP Pavilion a6422.me; I was using Norton 360, but now I am using AVG version 8.0.233 coupled with Windows Firewall. I used to use Vuze as my torrent download program, but now I am obviously using uTorrent 1.8.1. The router that I am using is Siemens 6520 and I am currently in Dubai, U.A.E. and my ISP is Etisalat. My connection speed is 512 kbps with a speed cap on max 60 kbps and I connect via cable.

Ok now that I have provided all the details, now its time for me explain whats going on. As I mentioned before, I recently switched from XP to Vista (the new pc I bought came with Vista, old PC was past its prime :(). With XP before, my torrents were downloading smoothly, even when my firewall and anti-virus program was the ever so annoying Norton 360. So when I started using Vista, I started suffering from speed problems not only with torrents, but also with regular downloading programs such as bearshare. I looked up all the advices available on the internet and applied them. I port forwarded my router, setup my Norton 360 firewall to give Vuze full access, I setup static IP, I followed online tips of having the best Vuze settings, and I even tried traffic shaping (even though it was not necessary... I was desperate), but nothing helped, and my speed was always low (below 5 kbps). Then something very strange, it seemed that if I forced started the downloads that were already downloading, I was getting the optimum speed that I was supposed to get. This only lasted for a week or two than the speed went back to being horribly low. After a while, I got tired of this so I switched from Norton 360 to AVG and Vuze to uTorrent. I setup the firewall to give full access to uTorrent and I also port forwarded the port for uTorrent. But to my dismay, I am facing the same speed problem that I was facing before. I am completely baffled as to what is casing all this. Can someone please help me.

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