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Low Speed, Plenty Seeds


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I have read the FAQ. Didnt see anything in relation to this. Please point me to it if so.

I seem to have a restricted speed of around <30

From the torrents im downloading I have plenty of seeds. Not a huge amount of peers and Im still getting low speeds.

Also when I look at peers I'm only downloading from some of them. Why not all of them? the majority of them are not even 1kb (the ones im downloading from) and its about the top 3 that give me all the speed (of about 6, 5 and 4)

I have port forwarded. I have green tick. I have played with the uploading speeds. I use a router. I dont have any software firewalls. Only firewall on my router. I get good speeds (150+) on limewire etc.

So my questions are: What can u ask me to check to be limiting speeds and why am I getting only downloading from 1/3 of the found seeds.

Thanks. Sorry for bad English. I try type it out b4 i forget and it then makes no sense :)

Double Post:

Could someone link me a known good download (one they receive good speeds on) to see if I get decent speeds on that? Unless that's against the rules?

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I followed ur second link to a degree - a lot of reading.

I have 128k upload so I set stuff accordingly.

Max upload rate : 9

Global max connections: 35

Max number connected peers: 30

Max number slots per torrent: 3

I have disabled both types of DHT.

Resolve IP's have been disabled.

net.max_halfopen is set to 4 to help increase web browsing speeds (correct?)

NAT-PMP - Disabled

UPnP - Disabled

I tried enabling encryption (protocol encryption through bittorrent) on both enabled and forced - no drastic speed changes

Downloading OpenOffice was giving similar speeds. Only connected to 5 seeds and 1 peer and it got speeds of 20-25 but generally hung around 15kbs.

I'm giving speeds of 9kb upload.

Is "peer dl" under peers tab. What their download speed is?

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You're telling uTorrent to upload at 9 KiloBYTES/second...but in uTorrent's speed graph after running a torrent for a long time are you regularly sustaining that 9 KiloBYTES/second upload speed?

New Zealand is known for extremely oversubscribed (too many customers, too tiny lines) ISPs with horrible peering arrangements...and nasty-low monthly bandwidth quotas. I'd expect such ISPs to throttle/attack/disrupt/mangle BitTorrent traffic as a matter of course. :(

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