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From the desk of a Hughesnet Whiner:


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Since the Mac version doesn't have the speed suggestion I'm going by the chart from one of the admins. I'm guessing but I put:

Connections: Global limit: 7 Per torrent limit: 5, read on a post it might be a good idea to uncheck DHT-did that, I have Peer Exchange for public torrents checked, Active transfers limit: 2, Active downloads limit: 1, Forced encryption (from another post) download limit 5kB/s upload limit: 25kB/s, Incoming TCP I keep changing, its often red, sometimes yellow, rarely green. I would love some help. I just got a Spotify invite I can let go if someone can help me. I edited the post thinking it might have been too snarky for anyone to want to stop and help another noob.

I have read all the tips, guides etc...but I can't seem to get a decent speed, let alone a connection for more than bits at a time. As you can see I did the speedtest and I realize I'm on Hughes. I'm a hermit right now in my mother's house in the woods of NC. I'm about to get out of here. Beware...Cabin Fever is fo' real! I would shower 100 blessings on someone if they would just tell me what to check and uncheck I would greatly appreciate it.




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Give us some information on your internet connection.

AND check ur pictures. They tell me something different from what you`ve said.

I have a cable modem with 20Mbit.

Global limit: 180

Per torrent limit: 30

Both peers` settings checked (if that means that they are activated). DHT allows you to download without a tracker, but your upload won`t get counted.

Both queues` settings checked

Forced encryption

Limitations as needed from time by time. Usually not, except the upload limit with me surfing the internet.

YOUR settings only allow 5kbit/s down as your limitations are set to it and you only have TWO active transfers (that could be 1 down and 1 up, f.e., or 2 up and none down). Check ur picture, it tells only ONE active transfer.

Read the post about Port Forward on Mac 10.5.6 Final Chapter

I`m in a hurry, so maybe I edit this post. Should help. Think logical what your settings are. One seed doesn`t mean that you`ve got a speedy one

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