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Exchanging files only with my friends with torrents.


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How can I exchange files with my friends using torrents? I don't want to upload torrent to any torrent site, I want to send torrent to my friend with e-mail.

I found a few instructions on the web, I followed every one of them and nothing.

I can't find the page, but I remember that as a web seed i have to put http://(myipadress)/(portnumber) or something like that, and I have to choose private torrent.

I tried reopening torrent after my friend opens it, but nothing.

Can I solve this or should I still upload files to some hosting service and share them with my friends, rather than using torrents?

I have uTorrent 1.8.1.

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I did try TPB's announce, but nothing happend. Maybe it's problem with my friend's pc, torrent client or connection. I'll try this with another pc.

And also, I already did everything from here: http://www.utorrent.com/setup_guide.php (I was downloading a torrent today with 40 KB/s, which is same as my direct download speed, and I had no problems with seeding before.)

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