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Clear Ratio on one Torrent only


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is this possible, i dont have seen this option ever.

But i would need it very often - for example: i want to seed some files that i already have, so i hash the torrent and some file is missing, lets say a 10 mb file from a 1GB Torrent. So i redownload this 10 mb file, now my ratio is going to be 10000000 realy fast.

so i cant use the feature seeding while ratio is < 300% or something.

I have to delete the torrent and rehash it a second time.



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yes sure it works. why not ? and its no flaw ! if i delete a torrent and add the same again its afterall another torrent for utorrent, utorrent dont have a database who store there every torrent ever used or something...

but i dont think you get what i meant?

maybe of my poor english skills

i mean: i add a xxxxxx.torrent file into my utorrent, so utorrent see "oh the file is already there" and hash it.

but some part is missing and utorrent download the missing part. if this part is really little, then your ratio is a mess ...

and thats because the ratio is calculated donwload vs upload, but if i had 99% of the file the download is very less and the upload is very much.

so is there a possibility to calculate the ratio - full size of torrent vs upload

like if u have 100% of the torrent than the ratio is ok...

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Perhaps I really do not understand.

if you add a file and rehash it should be a new file. ( ie. V2.0 )

why would you repost/amend with exactly the same file name.

if you do not label it as a new different file name then thats the flaw

the uTorrent does not see that the file is changed only by 1% or less and

treats it with old ratio rules. ??

why would this not be a flaw;

if you download 1% and add it to 100%

and re-seed that, why doesnt uT know the 1% is now part of the old 100%.

since you used the same file name. To me that is a flaw.

download AAAA. the ratio of AAAA is small because you got 1 Mb and seeded 0 Mb.

the ratio of BBBB should be less

because now you have 101 MB and have uploaded 100 Mb. BUT

if the torrent was removed and re-placed then uT should not remember its

ratio, and start over. To me that is a flaw.

maybe I do not understand.

But then the program name is not different as it should be if it was amended.

why is the same file name important ?

If this is happening then

the ratio of the file may be wrong but then your global ratio - the one that lists every Mb you ever downloaded and every Mb you ever uploaded - would not be wrong ?

your global ratio is not the sum of the torrent ratios.

( a moderator might please correct me if I am out to lunch on this, they may have a better understanding of the question and certainly uT itself. :) - - - )

1) As Ultima stated on a related thread, it is easy to fake a ratio

2) Trackers look to see obviously bogus ratios

I had no idea it could be so easy to screw up a ratio.

then again, I have not done anything like what you have.

I have let uT handle the down and up loading.

IF one day in the future I should make a torrent, my protocol would not be

same file name for different content. ( even .01% )

As a person who is looking for a file, if I see the same name as before

I would not be thinking it is an improved version, or more "complete".

Even if your notes in the torrent said so, I would not really know since I

would not bother to go there to read them.

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You are right.

Only if your downloaded is 0 will µTorrent calculate the ratio over the size of the torrent. If you add an incomplete torrent and finish it your downloaded might be really small (compared to the size) but it isn't 0 so µtorrent will use it to calculate your ratio. And this can indeed create high ratio's really fast.

As you probably already know there is no way to change this and it is actually intended behavior so it is unlikely be changed in the future. Sadly there is also (currently) no way to reset the downloaded to 0 without removing and then re-adding the torrent (or even more intrusive ways).

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In what way isn't it faster? You wouldn't have to force a recheck of the data. Plus, it doesn't clear the uploaded amount if you reset the correct key.

Editing resume.dat isn't easy unless you understand its layout and what BEncoding is all about, though, so oh well.

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the scenario is, that i add an torrent that is NOT already in my utorrent but i have 99% of the files already

something like reseed after a few month on some private tracker ..

but i deleted some nfo file or something now, i add the torrent hash it 99% load 4 mb and so on...

or say i loaded many single files, and after a few month someone put this single files together and make a pack, but he put some files in that i dont have, so i want to seed and download the missing files maybe so same scenario..

this is not some rare case, actually it happens quite often to me

in this scenario the torrent dont have any upload stats bevor i add it to utorrent so, i dont loose anything with the rehash, and like Alderaan said i dont have to restart.

but it is a way, and i dont wanna say one of these is better than the other .. both ways are inconvenient

so a simple, reset stats for this torrent function would make this better, or something else

but thats for the features section :D

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Because basically all torrents get stopped and then started. All peers are disconnected. All trackers have to be recontacted, DHT has to bootstrap again and peers found through it and PEX have to be refound. Most torrents that had status Seeding will revert back to queued seed. Torrents that were going at high speeds might start out slow again and might only slowly build up back to their speed (or not at all).

And I'm sure there is more :P

It might depend on the situation which is actually more intrusive but I myself prefer re-adding and hash checking a single torrent over restarting my µTorrent :P

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Here's a partial solution:

double-click on the problematic torrent.

seek for the "seed while" section and add the following:

Check ---> Override default settings

Ratio is: -1

Or seeding time is: 0

It will not give you the good ratio, neither reset it, but at least it will seed the torrent unlimited

so you will not have to re-seed it anymore.

So now you can toggle On/Off the seed of only one torrent only by check/uncheck the

"seed while" section box.

hopes it helps a little.

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