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2 routers and yellow triangle


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hi, so i just wanna say i did try the search, and i did read some of the guides availble, but havn't found something near my problem, but please correct me if i'm wrong.

So i got 2 routers, one is the modem (zyxel Prestige 660R-61), and the second one is a Netgear WGR614 v6.

Should mention that the zyxel is connected to the netgear via the wan port.

On the netgear i have nat filtering to open.

i have tryed forwarding all ports from the zyxel to the netgear, and then forward port 49999 to my computer from the netgear, upnp is enable on both devices. but i still get the yellow triangle, and utorrent port check says error.

On the zyxel i have standard settings in security.

So, i deleted the forward from the netgaer, and tryed forwarding from the zyxel to my computer, same port: 49999, same error from port checker, and the yellow triangle.

i have also tryed having the forward rule on both devices at the same time which didn't change anything.

i don't have windows firewall, i only have anti virus.

anybody having some good idears on how to do this, because as i see it, i'm doing something wrong, but what, i havn't been able to figure out, yet.

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