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after migration tracker disappears


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Hi there,

After migration to a fresh install (XP->Vista) using the route described in the help topics of Utorrent, I see all the old downloads perfectly in Utorrent. After forced recheck they all turn into the green completed icons, so looks perfect. Then turn them on, and within seconds they change into red upload icons, giving no errors or problems, the tracker information disappears and nothing uploads...

What did I do wrong????

I migrated before in exact thesame way, and it worked fine...



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I copied the the whole load into the new folder. So that includes everything *.dat, some *.old, *.bad and torrent files.

Of course I made sure that the data is all in a folder named exactly like before.

Actually, it seems now that prior to forced rechecking or starting, part of the torrents do give an error :"invalid download state, try resuming", and part of the torrents just state finished.

Regardless, as soon as I start (or first recheck and then start), they first turn green, but within a second or two they turn red, giving no error, say they're uploading (but in fact do not, since they create no network traffic), and there is no more tracker listed.

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