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µTorrent 405+ Speed Issues!

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This is *not* a general speed problem.

With µTorrent

Speeds are TERRIBLE

I am downloading 3DMark06, some TV Shows (LEGALLY!).

3DMark has 1150 seeds! and it downloads at ~15kbps.

My normal download speed with µTorrent is 54kbps. My uploads are just the same as always.

Wait, it gets better.

Reverting to 1.4.1 public is 54 kbps dl speeds!

Something changed.. badly!

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Yeah upload is MUCH better, but still, no matter what I cap it on (so its not the upload clogging my bandwidth), download is shitty and never goes over 25, once in a while hits 30, then shoots back down as if someone threw if from the top of the Sears Tower.

I tried it with everything, I tried one torrent at a time, two torrents at a time, etc.

No matter how many torrents I have at once running (forced) the speed is 15-25 total.. its real weird.


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