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Fragmented files not playing


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Greetings to all. I am a beginner and I am barely discovering torrent files and the amazing speed of utorrent. Congrats to those involved.

I have already enjoyed incredible films and files which I had been unsuccessfully searching for during months.

Barely learning the utorrent etiquette has been quite helpful and I appreciate some patience until I master all the protocol.

I have found myself unable to play some files because they do not look like normal video files but like a few dozen unknown files plus a compressed bit of video. Is there some kind of unknown click I need to do to make it a whole playable video file?

I am sorry if this is classified as "help with downloaded files", but I don't know where to ask for help regarding this issue and the manual doesn't explain anything in this respect.

Thanks to everyone,


PS: what do I neeed to do to get email answers to this thread? I'd appreciate replies to reinaldo dot martinez at gmail dot com

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This is "help with downloaded files". You probably have one "sample" file, and a bunch of compressed files. You'll need an uncompression utility to extract them. Try posting for help wherever you found the files, but you'll probably need winrar or some such.

Also, there's a link just below the thread that says "subscribe to this topic", that will get you e-mails when there's a reply.

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Thanks dtjohnst and moogly.

The files are some 40 or 50 .sfv (about which I know nothing), plus a small compressed .avi (in winrar or zip doesn't matter much, I know them). I thought that uncompressing the later would repack all of the others in the whole movie. It didn't.

I believe it was from demonoid that I got the file. Sorry, I thought all torrents were the same and did not register where it came from.

Didn't mean to seek "help with downloaded files" and now I see why. Jesus! there must be dozens of different torrents out there.

Is there any "self-help with downloaded files for dummies" anywhere?

Cheers and thanks anyway.

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