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URGENT: HELP with correct value in Connection type (SPEED GUIDE)


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XP Pro sp2

ADSL (Japan) yahooBB (don't remember the contract but it was not the basic plan)

Speed Test result on dslreports.com (US Server):

Download: 2500 Kb/s Upload: 480 Kb/s

Q1. is it slow/average??

Q2. I selected Connection type: "xx/512k". Is that correct??

It says "choose the one nearest to your actual upload speed". Is xx/512k the closest of 480Kb/s? Sorry, I don't understand. I am less than zero at math, so I am glad to learn.

with xx/512k setting, "the max active download" is 2 !?! does that mean I can ONLY download 2 torrent at a time? that is not much.

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Those are recommended. You can change that. But I have my laptop set up to only download 2 torrents at a time. The more you try to download, the longer everything takes. If your speed test says 480kb/s, you probably have a higher connection than that. You won't get what your provider tells you that you will. You'll always get less.

As for being less than zero at math...get a calculator. 512-480=32. It'll do all the hard work for you. Even google can do math now.

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Look, there is something I still don't get:


Regarding the BEST (or recommended speed setting): Isn't what is in the RED rectangle to look at, to the determine the correct setting?

the GREEN rectangle refers to one's connection speed (which is the Download side). I have never seen 100 MBit (option at the bottom of the scrolling menu) as Uploading speed?!? That makes no sens.

So ONCE again, for an upload of ~480 kbps and a download of ~2500 kbps (the result I got doing the speed test) WHAT IS THE RECOMMENDATION SPEED TO SELECT IN THE IN THE CONNECTION TYPE?


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A T3 connection upload is in the range 40-100Mbit/s. Higher tiers do exist as well exceeding the 100Mbit/s upload, so it is possible.

If you don't know what you're looking at, ignore the red box. Set the green box for what's closest to what you have. xx/2Mbit is definately not the closest. Like I said, use a calculator if you have to, but xx/512 should be fine. All the settings that are made can be changed to suit your needs. Including the red box if you figure out it's not best for your particular scenario.

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I got it, thanks

What I still don't get is that:

When I look at these values in the connection type:


xx/768 k



Let's take the first one: does "xx/512k" mean: xx (= Download side - irrelevant since we look at the upload speed to determine the speed)/512k (= the upload side)???

If that's only this, I don't need a calculator, but a brain... I couldn't figure it until now.

A T3 upload range 40-100Mbit/s !!! so I am very slow I guess. Is there a link with a table comparative of the DSL speed by connection types.

Thanks again.

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