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RSS hates me


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Ok, I've had a heck of a time getting RSS to work. Which is odd, because before I reinstalled my OS, it worked just fine. I followed the guide, here's what I have for the immediate example (I solved a previous case by tinkering a bit with filters, although what I had before worked fine, it didn't anymore).


Now, I can get this to work if I put the show filter as *House*, but then I also get Desperate Housewives. I tried using *House* with *housewives* in the NOT filter, but that didn't download anything then. (Note: When I make changes, I stop the downloads, clear the history and reload the feed.) I'm not quite sure what else I can do. I'm using the TVRSS feed which worked for The Office last Thursday.... Here's a screenshot of the top 3 listings in that feed.


House is clearly visible there. I'm at a loss for what else I can try.

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:-( Curropt data file maybe? I'll try deleting it and starting over. I only have 2 things downloading anyways. Easy to re-add them.

EDIT: Well, I'm not sure if it was a corrupt data file or not, but rebuilding it fixed the issue. Works fine now. Weird.

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