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2 troubles


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I have some propblems.

At first, when i shut down a PC, torrent doesn't save current state as i exit from torrent by menu.

( You may catch message WM_QUERYENDSESSION from windows and save state )

At second, i want to have possibility run torrent when PC is started. I try to add task to task manager in windows, in result, i can't find icon in tray, when i logging in. =(

Are you planing to make uTorrent open-source?

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My windows have 3 profilles. My profile, my wife's profile and Adminisrator.

Administrtor and my profyle protected by password.

Torrent installs on my profile. I want to run torrent on my profile at start system, without logging in any profile.

if i check "start uT in system startup" in Preferences > General, torrent runs even if i loggin in profile.

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