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Torrenting through a proxy


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I have a problem with torrenting. My ISP provides Internet for me, but doesn't gives me a static IP. ISP has it's proxy, I tryed to use it for torrenting. I don't know the type of the proxy. I set an 'HTTP' option, but it works pretty strange. I see up and down speeds below the uTorrent window and quanity of transfered data, but there is no net status icon, there are no any other signs of torrent action. There is no progress of downloading, percentage and share ration doesn't change. There is no peers or seeds connected, availability is zero, but i can see the number of seeds and peers in swarm. 1. What the f..k is that? 2. Can I use this proxy at all? 3. Can I use some other proxy, some of free-proxy-for-annonymous-surfing-found-in-the-web ones or something? Thanks a lot!

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