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how to modify default vales ?


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hi friends,

is is possible to modify the default value of upload limit.

wait wait..........

i know that we can do it with the right click on the torrent /property/set max.upload limit.

my question is about

right click on the torrent/bandwidth allocation/set upload limit.

can we modify it's default values ?

by default it is 25/40/45...and so on.

now the problem occur while i would like to set 15kB upload speed to more than one torrent.

while we select multiple torrent the property option become disable.

so we have the only option to upload the limit by bandwidth allocation option.

so i repeat the question

can we modify the default value of

[ right click the torrent/ bandwidth allocation/ set upload limit value]


thanks a lot......

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my question is somewhat related to the above question.

Is there a way to change the default of the new torrents added from unlimited upload/download to a specified value?

What I do right now is changing this value every time when I add a new torrent. I like to skip this step since it is always the same value I choose from that drop down menu.

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nope that is not what I was asking...

once you add a torrent a new window pops up showing all the torrent details.

at the bottom left click on advance

brings up a second window

under bandwidth settings it is always 0 for the 3 values.

I like to change that value to something else and make it the new default.

see... it is related!

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There's no way to do that at this time...and it's generally a VERY BAD IDEA to do so anyway!

You can set max connections per torrent and upload slots per torrent though, but it applies to all torrents.

You'll have to manually change each torrent's settings to something other than that.

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Setting upload speed on new downloads very low sabotages the BitTorrent distribution system. Your client ends up being too slow a source to matter, but still gets reported as such for every new piece it completes.

Putting upload slots too high also causes the same issue.

Another problem with setting individual upload speeds is they may not reach those speeds on some torrents, so the TOTAL upload speed will often be far less than intended.

10 torrents with max of 10 KB/sec upload each together has a max of 100 KB/sec upload speed.

BUT...if any one of them is running slow, the others are not allowed to take up the slack and the end result is total speeds likely will be less than 80 KB/sec even though upload bandwidth is probably available!

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