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Remote Pause/Resume Button?


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Basically, I have another computer on the network which is in use often while I am away from my computer. This normally means either using the Scheduler, which only works in half an hour blocks, or not being able to download. I do not want this other computer to be able to access my downloads, see them, change them, add to them etc. the only thing I want them to be able to do is hit a button to pause them or resume them.

Is this possible at all, using WebUI? I saw a thread where someone used a bookmarklet to be able to add torrents, I'm wondering if a similar thing could be used to only use the function of WebUI to pause/resume? The person on the other computer is pretty computer illiterate so it doesn't need to be secure or anything, hell, I could even give them the user/pass of the main WebUI page (I'd prefer not to though) since they'd be unlikely to ever find it.

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