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Torrent Speed Methodology


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Hi all,

I have a doubt which is more general than utorrent or all the clients, basically on the torrent protocol.

As per the theory, when i initiate connections for any torrent to the tracker, it gives me a list of other machines hosting the file or downloading it. Now my machine will achieve better performance, if i have a good upload speed,

i.e. good upload speed --> the more download speed i 'll get, because the way machines are uploading, slots are given to those machines, who are also uploading more, of course i am not considering DHT right now. so my problem is i get more d/l speed if i upload less i.e.

let me discuss my topology first, i am behind an institutional NAT, though i have access to utorrent, bcoz i think i go via a transparent NAT, rather than blocked ports & d/l speeds are pretty low, around 10-200kbps(max), of course depends on the time & the seeders available. Moreover at any point of time, the absolute maximum no of peers i can connect to, is 300, whereas i have configured much more connections.

So taking an example, i was downloading a file,

When i seed other files(around 10 in number) & d/l this one, i get like d/l=10kbps, u/l=200kbps, & if i stop all my seeding, then i get a 30-40kbps d/l on the same file. Can you please explain me how??

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Thanks for your reply.

i see, well, yup our 2Mbps line is always over filled, & sometimes even if i get 160(d/l)/200(u/l) speed, then it may be the link may be free or utilizable.

but overloading my line seems pretty weird, i am always able to upload @ max 250kbps, but d/l varies a lot, on time, seeders etc. etc.

lets say i totally stopped uploading, then isin't the concept of torrents breakout, because i get decent d/l speed w/o uploading anything.

Is there a way i can figure out, that at a particular time, how much i am capable of uploading and downloading, i.e. my maximum u/l, d/l speeds i can get. ??

of course, i don't have privileges here to netflow our data at the gateway:)

& don't you think so, that this is against what the protocol design is, taking an instance

if i keep on uploading something everytime(except torrents) , & then i start downloading, then even if i don't upload anything, i get good d/l speed, if there are enough free seeds/leechers.

Please clarify & thanx in advance

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Assuming no appreciable congestion or line noise, your line should be capable of >90% of max speeds. You measure it during a "quiet" time (outside of peak evening hours) when it was likely to reach max...check it maybe 1 or 2 more times to confirm the values...and that is what it is.

What you get as a max download speed and max upload speed isn't ONLY what your line is capable of...but what others are capable and willing to give and receive as well.

A fast seed quits, starts another 10 torrents, or crashes. Another peer starts that has more upload speed than you...and suddenly all the peers that were uploading great now aren't.

BitTorrent isn't about ensuring fast speeds. It's about making sure EVERYONE completes the download, even at the expense of some. So long as people are willing to seed, even total leeches cannot stop it -- only slow it. If there's enough free seeds/peers, you SHOULD get good download speeds regardless of how much upload speed you can or choose to devote to that torrent.

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