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Newb needs help


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EDIT: Problem apparently was antivirus firewall, which I had forgotten about. Seems to be working fine now.

Just getting started with torrents. uTorrent seems to be running, trying to download, but I can't get anything to actually work. Availability is always zero, there are no peers or anything else except that some trackers show in the window. However, they either say "invalid URL" or "a socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network."

DHT says "waiting for announce..."

Local Peer Discovery says "working"

Peer Exchange says "Working"

My ISP is AT&T and I am using a modem, not a router. The Windows firewall is set to allow uTorrent. The modem firewall is disabled.

When testing "to see if port is properly forwarded," it always fails no matter which port is typed in (but I am not forwarding ports anyway, I am using a modem, not a router).

I think I have set the upload speed correctly. All of the other settings are default. What can I try now?

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