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Internet Speed slows down to nothing when using utorrent ISP:Optimum


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Recently (within past 2 days) my wireless connection slows down to a halt whenever I download anything. Currently I'm downloading [READ ANNOUNCEMENT!] and within a minute or 2 of me starting utorrent my internet goes from 36Mbps to 1Mbps but that's a lie because its going slower than dial-up. I don't know what the problem is other than I have no ports open but that's because I'm not willing to fool around with my parents router and I don't want to call up my ISP (Optimum Online) to set up a static IP. Please help.

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You set up a static LAN ip, not a static internet ip if you wish to port forward the router.

But most wireless ISPs give only dynamic LAN ips anyway...so even if you did, you're probably firewalled anyway by THEIR wireless router/gateway.

Optimum Online does throttle/disrupt BitTorrent some...supposedly making it VERY hard to seed. ...And probably other things as well.

Your settings may be too extreme for your connection, causing disruptions and slowdowns on top of this.

1st and 2nd links in my signature to troubleshoot.

uTorrent is set based on max sustainable UPLOAD speed.

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