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Problem with utorrent


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I installed utorrent a while back. Everything was working but then one day i noticed the icon for utorrent was gone. I clicked the blank program icon that was in its place and it brought up that window where it's searching for the program. Anyway I thought weird and went to uninstall utorrent and redownload. As I uninstalled something odd happened (I don't remember the specifics) and it didnt uninstall correctly though it was gone from the add/remove programs list. So I continue to go download the install file and do so. I go to install but it just opens up the actual program from the exe I downloaded from the site, instead of an install program. Weird agian. I go look and theres no utorrent in program files. It is just launching utorrent evertime i click the install file thats on my desktop.

So right now I made my own program file directory called utorrent and stuck the exe in there. My question is, is this how it's supposed to work? What can I do to finish removing the files that must not have been removed the during the add/remove? I would like to get this installed properly. Thanks

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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