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Suddenly Slow Torrents and Slow Loading of Web Pages


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Ok. I'm relatively new to the whole torrent thing, but everything was going nicely for a few months, and I used to be able to download at up to 350 kB/s.

Then suddenly my download speed dropped to maybe 10-20 kB/s, with occasional spikes of 40-60 kB/s.

Once this started happening, webpages have started taking a very long time to load whenever I'm running uTorrent.

This is very similar to what was happening before I had forwarded my port, but uTorrent says it is forwarded properly, and I've tried using and forwarding different ports, with no success.

I've tried reducing my upload speed all the way to 5 kB/s, but it isn't helping.

I live in Canada, my ISP is EastLink.

I had been downloading quite a bit in a short time before this happened, if that's any help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, keep in mind that I'm kind of inexperienced.


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Maybe your speed settings in uT are not optimal.

Look at this guide: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34259

You need to know your max UL speed and find the reference in the array. Then set uT like that: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=361023#p361023

You live in Canada and the major Canadian ISP filter P2P applications so you need to set conservative speed settings.

EastLink filters p2p. Very recent news: http://torrentfreak.com/all-major-canadian-isps-slow-down-p2p-traffic-090120/

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Ok, I'm still having the problem.

If I'm trying to download a torrent, many times a webpage will not even load.

Some torrents in particular are downloading at around 80 kB/s (mostly these are applications, not .isos or videos).

During these comparably fast downloads, I am able to acess most webpages, albeit at significantly reduced speeds.

Oh, I've run the Glasnot test and the results are all green, no throttling found.

This is all very irritating and puzzling.

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Since upgrading to 2.0 I have been experiencing very similar issues.

Websites will timeout the vast majority of the time because Windows is unable to establish the connection.

I think uTorrent is just swamping the IP stack of Windows, I am seeing a lot of UDP sessions on the ADSL Modem/Router as well.

I just closed uTorrent before and after 5 minutes the process still hasn't exited.

Running netstat in a command prompt window showed one hell of a lot of HTTP connections to trackers.

So I'm not sure what has changed with uTorrent, I think I was on 1.8.5 before this.

Just about to backup my uTorrent settings and try and go back to 1.8.5 and see if the normal behaviour continues.

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