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No incoming connections.. please help?


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Hello, I've always been one to seed everything I get to at least 1.25/1 as I know how important it is for the torrent community to work. However, a friend came over this past weekend to play Xbox with me. My current router was giving us fits so I switched to an older router just for the weekend. When I switched back to my old router I get the Yield sign and a message that says No incoming connections that suggests my network configuration might not be correct. However, I verified that all of my settings were the same. I have the correct port opened, the right IP configured on my NIC and no firewall software, just PeerGuardian. Whatever is happening, I can only upload @ about 1-2kbps now and it would take me forever to seed all my files @ this speed. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong here? I've included a screenshot to show all pertinent info. Thanks.


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