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Slow Browser & Slow Speeds


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If I have followed Switecks 2nd link. Changed the net.half_open or watever to 4. What else could I try doing to stop utorrent sucking up all my bandwidth when its only downloading at around 10-20kbps. My downloads are only slow on torrents. Downloading stuff off limewire is fine, I have port fowarded (green tick). No software firewalls. I have outgoing encrypted protocol enabled.

The files I download list as following

Seeds: 8(4635) Peers: 9 (6249)

I am only getting speeds from 4 of these seeds/peers as well.

My Upload speeds are generally maxed and at a stable rate (128kbps so 9kb upload).

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Round 1:

Latency: 104ms

Download: 1008kb/s

Upload: 138kb/s

Round 2:

Latency: 205ms

Download: 1037kb/s

Upload: 150kb/s

Round 3:

Latency: 207ms

Download: 1119kb/s

Upload: 142kb/s

and Yes I tried a couple things in the first link (mainly disabling UNP and MAP or weird junk)

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