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Bug with selection


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there's a bug in the tracker window. Here's how to reproduce it:

- download a torrent

- add 50 or more trackers in the properties/general window

- in the tracker pane you'll see the full list of added trackers

- now click on the status column to order them by status

- now select a group of trackers that result in an error (by using shift-click)

- wait for some other errors (so the list order changes)

- now if you press "delete" to remove the errors you selected, it often happens that the selection is no more valid, that means that also some working trackers can be included in the selection, even if you didn't select them (the selection is not synchronized with the list update)

Here's a screenshot of the problem, even if it's not so clear to show the bug:


The last selected item "in funzione" wasn't selected by me, but during the update it was erroneously selected by the program.


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