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General, Simple IpFilter.dat Questions .


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Hello Everyone,

I have searched the forums for general info about the Ipfilter.dat option in µtorrent but people were talking about advanced features of it recently, so i have some simple questions regarding the matter; Here goes :

1 - I think that the Ipfilter.dat is the file where µtorrent keeps the auto-banned Ip addresses if they keep sending hashfails or so ? Does µtorrent ban them Permanently ?

2 - How do i clear the file from the Ip addresses ?

3- Where is it located ( is it hidden under my user files ) so i can view it maybe ?

4- µtorrent notifies if it has banned certain ips in the logger, is that correct ?

I guess that's about it for now, Thank you in advance people .

Regards ,,,

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1. No it's just the IPs you want to block for various reasons (peers with bitvomit clients, firms like MediaDefender etc...).

uT doesn't add IP automatically, you need to add the IP manually. It's not permanent if you delete the blocked IP from the file.

2. Open the .dat and erase the contents (use notepad eg)

3. in %appdata%\utorrent with the other .dat files. Create it yourself if ipfilter.dat is not present.

4. Yes. Enable notification in logger: peer traffic logging > Log blocked connections.


[2009-01-22 16:22:51] IpFilter blocked peer
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No, just displayed in the logger you can save if you want.

There is no hidden files or folders with uT. There is utorrent.exe in Program Files and your settings/.torrent by default in %appdata%\utorrent.

ipfilter, skin files, flag files etc.. are in this folder, but it's not hidden. Type %appdata%\utorrent in you Win Explorer.

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