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Why no "Tracker" column?


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Because as the WebUI API is currently set up, it is rather bandwidth intensive to obtain the tracker list for each and every torrent.

It can't have anything to to with the bandwidth. If you double-click a torrent the tracker is there in plain text. Maybe your thinking of another way. But the information in that windows is all i need.

A tracker column would be very helpful. Sometimes you need to know whick tracker the torrent is from. Double-clicking them all is too much work.

I see below that it is requested. I hope it is included.

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Yeah. When you double-click on a torrent, that's exactly what you're doing -- double-clicking a torrent. If there are thousands of torrents, WebUI would have to pull back that many times more data just for one column in the table on each and every refresh.

The API quite simply has no way to do this (unless, of course, new fields have been added to the API since I last looked at it over a year ago).

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