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Utorrent not writing to disk


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I recently upgraded my pc from vista premium to Windows 7

Utorrent downloads fine. But after a while I noticed that a "disk overload 100%" error.

So I searched the web for a solution. I found by increasing the disk cache temporary solved this problem.

Later I discovered that it would happen again after more data was downloaded. I currently have 10 torrents going and all but 2 are stuck at 99%

If I quit Utorrent it will close and leave a process in task manager (hogging all of my ram and 0% CPU activity) It would not go away. so I restarted my PC. Upon restart Utorrent would show no downloaded data and my torrents would start from scratch.

Looking at the progress of the downloaded file (under the file tab) I can see that all of the data is downloaded but still resides in cache.

I believe that Utorrent is not writing my downloaded data from cache to my hard disk. I have downloaded apx 1GB of data and am hoping that someone can give me a solution that will allow me to save the cached data to disk without shutting down Utorrent.

If I have to start all of these downloads again I will. It took me a while to figure out what was going on here and I have downloaded these same files over and over again tring to figure out what the problem has been.

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