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Cisco vs Utorrent vs Azureus


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Hi there, i have a Cisco 500 router that a friend set up for me (no knowledge on the router) so I cannot port forward. I usually use Azureus where i have no problem and always get max speeds while still getting a NAT error.

I changed to Utorrent after formatting hearing its "the best", set it up the way everyone recommends and still takes 12-15 hours to download 700mb where on Azureus it usually takes 3-4 hours.

Is there not some way for auto port forwarding to be accomplished though the program instead of making everyone have to mess around with configs?

Cheers for any help/advise you can give me.

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I believe its your router which requires the auto port forwarding properties. Or else it would be pointless for utorrent to have auto change ports when u wud have to port foward for each one each day ;)

I use utorrent because I've heard its the best also. So I'm not going to argu :P

You could ask your ISP how to port foward your router. Obviously don't admit its for P2P programs (i.e utorrent)

I had to port foward for a friend with a different router. This is what I done. I rang up and asked how I can port forward. They asked "is this for utorrent" I was on the spot but said "What? No I've been advised from a friend that port forwarding is required to have ET Quake Wars to work" even if they say u don't need to. Say (puck u) "I would still like to try it regardless - Process of elimination"

Or buy a new router ;)

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