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Am I setting my speed right? 61 Kb/S


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First off, I was following these instructions even though I'm using Mac now windows: http://www.utorrent.com/setup_guide.php

There is no such thing as Speed Guide on there or Options, there was just the boxes we can type in the speed. I followed the instructions above and determined my upload speed was 494 kbit/s. I then divided it by 8 to get 61 and multiplied that by 0.7 to get 42.7. I also got 505 kbit/s a second try around ultimately leading to get 90 in kbytes.

I have been in and out of Utorrent > Prefrences > Bandwith playing around with those damn little numbered boxed testing my speed. Each time I get to 25% or 29% quickly and then it stops, loads a time, and circulates from 24m to 27m back and forth in that bracket. Note that this whole time my little dot at the bottom right is YELLOW.

I read all over this sight, I learned that yellow means unstable connection and that it may be my firewall. Well I checked my firewall, it's on a wide open connection and seems to let everything in so utorrent should go through.

In that guide I used the test torrent that claims it should only take a few mintues or 10-15 max, it takes at least 24 and won't go any lower, sometimes the time goes up.

I'm stuck, I read EVERYTHING and there's still things I don't understand like UPNP or checking ports with router.

I'm thinking of just throwing windows on my mac if this doesn't work and go from there. I would greatly appreciate any help.

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