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uTorrent causes my router to keep connections


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I have D-Link DI-604 router. UPnP is turned off. It worked perfect with uTorrent when I was behind a NAT, but after I bought real IP-address and forwarded a proper port to computer with uTorrent, everything has changed.

The positive moment is that many hosts are now marked with "I" status, download/upload speed has increased twentyfold.

The negative moments are:

- DI-604 stops to respond to it's configuration page requests (slow, very slow, and then stops completely) and if I leave it unrestarted for one day, it stops to transfer any data too.

- If I unload uTorrent, direct connections are kept alive forever and cause the network connection's tray icon to flash. Restarting the router programmatically doesn't help.

There is only one way to resolve both problems - to pull the plug of DI-604 off the socket for a pair of seconds.

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Try disabling DHT (both kinds), Local Peer Discovery, and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS tab window of an active torrent.)

Once DHT is no longer running, make sure your router is only port forwarding TCP to your computer.

Also, as the previous posters above said:

1. Install latest firmware for your router.

2. Limit number of simultaneous connections (both global and per-torrent) in uTorrent to 100 OR LESS.

2nd link in my signature gives uTorrent settings based on your max UPLOAD speed.

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