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Bad crash...


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It all started after I pre-formated my external harddrive into NTFS.

When I opened up uTorrent all my tasks showed a cross [x] indicating the torrents were not found (yes, I changed the drive letter too)

After removing all the tasks, having in mind I will need to add them later, I went to the preferences and choosed for all torrents to be downloaded not into N:/Torrents but into E:/Torrents

From then on everything seemed like it's going well. I was able to download torrents just like before, Add labels, set priority, and everything. But when I once ran uTorrent I got this:


I have never had problems with uTorrent before, but I am quite experianced with computers. I tried EVERYTHING! I scanned my computer with four different Antivirus and AntiSpyWare/AntiMalaware programs and removed all threads and shown possible problems, but still no effect. Even the computer doesn't load faster and better like I thought it will after I removed the SpyWare I had. I am running on a Vista Ultimate x32 and I use Opera as a default browser, Google Chrome as a secondary.

If you can guys help I will be verry happy because I'm pissed off of looking for other solutions and downloading other BitTorrent programs that suck... :( :( :(

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