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Have the green dot, the downloads are still slow as hell.


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For a .torrent that is 23 minutes long, it takes 4 hours roughly do download, is that right?

I have the perfect connection, but my speed is still crap. I took the speed tests in the link offered in the setup guide and came up with a median of 486 kb/s. I then followed the instructions and divided that by 8 and multiplied that by 0.7 to get 42 kB/s which I put in "Limit upload rate manually to:"

Everything else:

- Automatic download limits

- Seeding: Stop seeding at up/down ratio: 1.50


Global limit: 200

Per Torrent Limit: 50


Active Transfers limit: 30

Active downloads limit: 5

Outgoing Encryption: enable (I did try Forced, nothing happens)

Someone please help me. I've spent hours going through everything on here and fiddling around, nothing works.

Anything you say would be greatly appreciated.

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"For a .torrent that is 23 minutes long, it takes 4 hours roughly do download, is that right?"

You can't generalize torrents. Some are well seeded and others are not. Some can download quite rapidly, and others will be quite slow, even with the same filesize. This is because of the swarm, the people out there with the file helping you get it. If there aren't many of them, or they don't have fast connections, or they are limiting their connections, or you are getting bad peers, etc... you will just get a slow download. You are getting a green dot, you have a nice open connection. You may be limiting it too much or you may have a poorly seeded torrent. Your slow download is not intrinsic to uTorrent. Your settings seem good so I'm going to assume the latter.

Also, I'm assuming by your saying "a .torrent that is 23 minutes long" you mean a video file which is 23 minutes long. That gives very little useful information. A high definition 23 minute video file with very little compression can be massive while a low quality highly compressed video of the same length can be quite small.

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