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Reuse connections for cross-torrent duplicate ips


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Since a lone connection is already bidirectional and multi-purpose, why not reuse connections if the same ip is found on multiple torrents?

Unfortunately handshaking and data cross-flows could be a problem, possibly making this idea not worth doing. But the purpose of this is to potentially reduce networking overheads and total connection count as well as reduce free-riding potential of a single peer gaining a bigger chunk of a seed's total upload speed and upload slots when the seed is already under a heavy load.


I actually meant for this to be in Protocol Design Discussion!

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Hm, so I guess this is more a call for a protocol extension than anything really µTorrent-specific, since it would benefit any client. That makes it slightly more difficult to gain traction, but I guess that didn't stop some other extensions before (or the coming uTP, for that matter :P).

I'm not sure the whole bandwidth/slot monopolization would really be solved unless all clients supported it though. And even then, backwards compatibility with existing clients would also hamper this extension's efficacy on that front (though I suppose that'll lessen as time goes on).

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I came up with it after reading about router exhaustion (NAT tables get filled up) due to session overloads (even at the ISP levels!) caused by BitTorrent traffic.

Mentioned here:

"list of reasons for needing multiple TCP connections"



And the router connection max tests here:


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