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My downloads will not go, please help.

HxC Gnarwhale

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Hey everyone, im really new to this utorrent stuff and im having some troubles. Ive found some torrents for [READ ANNOUNCEMENT!] and im trying to download them, the thing is, when i start to download it, the download time is insanely slow, it took over 6 hours for it to download 15 percent. i dont know why this is and i have tried pretty much everything i can find. ive even setup a static ip and everything and turned off my firewall. Heres a picture of the main page, it wont connect to any seeders or peers.


Help please, this is really annoying me. EDit: that picture really sucks for some reason, heres what its saying, 0 (417) seeders and 0 (521) peers. Down speed is blank and up speed is blank . its 2.97 gb. My port is on 40152 cause ive read thats what its sopost to be on. any help would be cool . The little Arrow is down and blue btw

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it was actually on this thread, im not sure who. What should i have my port on?

im using a different website for torrents and they seem to be going faster, so mabye it was just the website.

But you started this thread...there's no post above yours in this thread.


Torrents are downloaded from peers and seeds, not websites.

Do you mean torrent trackers?

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