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Torrent speeds super slow

Frank Lee

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Ive read through some of the walkthroughs here, and have increased my DL speed a bit, but I still have the red circle. I am hooked up to the internet through my schools system, and cant seem to figure out how to open a port. I allowed uTorrent through my windows firewall, and set up my up load speeds per the walkthrough, but my speeds are still slow. At home my speeds would be near 170kb/s at school the highest ive seen yet has been 80kb/s.

How would I open the ports to allow for downloads here at school?

Thank you

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I believe I did, but I will check that out when I have more time, thanks.


I had my speeds up last night to around 200kb/s which is great for me. But now I just got back on and I cant get anything higher than 10kb/s. When it was working last night I had the yellow triangle, now I have a red circle.

Is there anyone here that knows anything that I can do to get faster speeds through a school system?

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