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Good speed for a while then IE slows right down


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I have Win Vista home, all updates.

Utorrent 1.8.2 (all others have done same)

I set UT downloading and it starts off ok.

I use the scheduler during the day to keep both UP and Downloads to a minimum (apart from weekends when I can control manually).

After a period of activity (don't know length of time) IE will take mins to load homepage and any subsequent page instead of the extended seconds I would expect.

Sometimes the download has completed and it's still slow.

Currently have 27 completed torrents, seeding all, 23 are active and 1 dl.

UT is dl @370 ish kbs and up@75 ish

Network meter shows dl@350-400KB/s and up@90-100KB/s

Give the machine a whi, possibly to go to sleep and wake up then ie will slow down dramatically.

Any suggestions?

I'm on Vigin media


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"Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users"

(From the article:)

application-based restrictions would form part of a broader strategy to "monetise the intelligence" in the Virgin Media network. The firm did not, as reported by The Guardian today*, promise "to press ahead with its targeted online advertising technology".


the firm intends to lead the ISP industry in new network services that exploit customer data.

(end quote)

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If your web apps are slow, you're probably choking your router on the upload channels. Try limiting the ul speeds to max. 80% of the ul bandwidth. You have 23 active seeds. Also limit the number of ul slots per torrent.

Then again it could just be Virgin Media.

Good Luck

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