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OK, so I figure out the connection problem is my router. They may be around here in this forum, but I haven't seen a post that describes how to configure a Dynex-NRuter Wireless N Router.

My Dynex Router has an option on it's setup page that supposedly enables UPNP and I also disable its firewall, yet the incoming connection indicator shows yellow, however, if I connect directly to my modem, it goes green and all is good. Well, if anyone can help me out and fix this problem, I can finally download in peace.

Router: Dynex-NRuter Wireless N Router

Modem: Actiontec GT701 (Non-wireless)

Don't have a reward to anyone who solves this, but you'll receive a big THANKS from me. :)

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If you're on small torrents which only have a handful of peers/seeds, and you're connected to all of them...uTorrent will assume it's firewalled because it quits getting more incoming connections.

Another cause is network overload prevents uTorrent from receiving more incoming connections.

1st and 2nd links in my signature...for troubleshooting and speed settings.

If you've set uTorrent's settings too high, the resulting overloads can mimic firewalled conditions.

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