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DHT: Waiting to log in? - Strange network situation


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Hi Everyone,

I have a strange situation with my uTorrent.

For the past months I've been downloading at about 100 kB/s quite regularly. No problems there, however booting up my computer the other day and adding a new torrent to download I got absolutely no connection! The error that stood out was DHT: Waiting to log in.

I know that my ports were not forwarded properly before b/c I had the yellow triangle. I decided not to mess around with anything because I was happy with my speeds, but one morning it just stopped.

My ISP is a little bit strange though. I don't have a direct connection it's like some sort of network or something provided through my apartment building. Is it possible that they had restricted uTorrent access to the internet or is the problem on my side of things?

Only security software I have is Avast and windows firewall and I haven't changed those settings at all. I've read all threads in the forums as well, to no avail.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for your Reply.

My ISP is POfP Technologies.

I believe I'm set up on some sort of LAN Network.

My uTorrent Settings are Default, although I have tried disabling and re-enabling DHT.

My selected connection speed was at 512k. Everything worked fine at one point, and then all of the sudden I can't establish a connection. Is my ISP capable of cutting off uTorrent specifically from accessing their network?


P.S - Let me know if you need any other details. I'll do my best to post them.

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