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Total ratio?


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Hi I'm slowly working out various aspects uf uTorrent, including port forwarding. I just did this after weeks of downloading, and the download speed shot up! Awesome

My question is that my Total ratio is .537 I have been seeding heaps but am I presuming right that I haven't seeded my fair share and I'm classed as a leecher?

Also since my ratio is under 1.0, does this contribute to even slower download speeds?



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Basically: What you do on one torrent doesn't matter for another torrent. Not for µTorrent or the BitTorrent protocol in general.

However: Private trackers can keep track of your overall performance on the torrents you got of their site. A lot of them penalize people with low ratio's (over those torrents). To see that ratio you have to login on that site (µTorrent can't tell you). And what rules you have to follow and what steps you can take are also found on the site in question.

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