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Speed Query(back again) patience/assistance appreciated..


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Ive posted some stuff before about this, but now ive got a few more details.

Im struggling to get any sort of decent d/l speed out of mutorrent, Ive tried all sorts from this forum and beyond.

I queed 4 d/ls yesterday for 5 hours and got between 5 and 20 mb of each.

I get spikes of reasonable speeds then all the downloads go to zero up and zero down and just sit there for 15-20 minutes then I get another surge of downloads and it stops again.

Im on XP(firewall unblocked) using sygate firewall(unblocked) and have forwarded the necessary port on my router.

The "network ok" message shows and torrents seem to connect fine with stats like 12(200) in the peers\seeds. Sources dont seem to be the problem.

Ive tried sourcing torrents with thousands of seeds/peers but no joy.

Ive tried having one torrent only, no joy.

Im on a 2mb broadband and afaik the ISP has no issues with mutorrent.

I can happily clock 100k/s on slsk/kazaa etc(I appreciate torrents arent quite the same but still)

Ive tried tweaking the internal mutorrent settings, here are my current settings:

Max upload:10k/s(When I set this lower it helped a little)

Max download:0(Ive tried varying this, didnt help)

Max connections:100(Ive tried varying this, didnt help)

Max connected peers/torrent:20

Max uploads per torrent:5(setting this to one seems to help a little)

Max torrents/downloads:8

It looks like mutorrent is starting to download then choking all of the bandwidth and giving up.

Restarting helps briefly.

Im aware Ive posted this before but was hoping that with a few more details someone could help?

Thanks in advance,


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Are you using a router? Sounds like it's giving up although your settings aren't too bad. You could try taking it out of the picture by pluging your comp directly to your modem. Are you using a USB modem or wireless connection? Those are quite finicky with bittorrent so you might want to try something more solid.

Last and most important start with the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) to set your settings and work from there.

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Definitely lower max uploads per torrent to 1-3. Use 3 if you're only running 1 or 2 torrents, 1 if you're running 8 torrents at once.

Try disabling DHT.

If you have a router, disable UPnP in the router (which is often enabled...and causes problems even if not needed...by default).

Decide which software firewall you like best...preferably the sygate firewall...and disable/remove the other one. 2 software firewalls don't really make you any safer, they just make it harder for µTorrent to get its data packets in and out. There is also a cpu hit for having to go through multiple firewalls which can cause downloads and uploads to slow slightly.

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