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weird problem T_T


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i have a cable connection 2mbs/256kbs, a cable router and a hub, I share the connection to one more pc.here my problem : i've formatted my PC and have Windows Xp Sp2 on it, turned off my windows firewall, forward ports, use utorrent client for download via torrent. The download speed is really suck I got the max 7kb/s and the upload speed is from 10-20 kb/s, and my browser is slow down and when I close the client my browser is fast again. The weird thing that when I check the port that i opened, it displayed 'port is open' but after about 5 minutes, when I check again, it displayed the port isn't opened anymore. I call my ISP and they said they didn't block anything.

But this is really a weird problem because before formatting, with the same setting, everything is ok, the download speed is often about 100-150 kb/s and the upload speed is always 40kb/s(I set it) with 5 torrents.

I searching for info about bittorent cable connection like crazy these days and feel regret that I format my PC. So if someone can help me I will very appreciate. Thanks

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