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Dreaded Yellow Triangle


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Ok so I have the yellow triangle in my utorrent program currently. I set up all the port forwarding in only the single port forwarding section in my linksys n-router (I am positive it is set to the right ip address (I have DHCP reservation) and the correct ports are open), but no avail. Important details: Firewall :McAfee Sercurity(utorrent has full access), windows firewall (utorrent has access, and the firewall is not set to Block All exceptions, so utorrent is allowed in, Linksys Router WRT160N with firewall on , Wireless network and it is set to private (ie: my home network), so that windows firewall would not block automatically utorrent it by accident, and Windows Vista OS. As far as the Upnp goes, its checked in utorrent and checked in my router. Also, only utorrent's TCP-in and UDP-in are enable with edge traversal in windows advanced firewall, in order to bypass the NAT in my router.

The really strange part is that back in september, i downloaded fine and had the green arrow most times and as far as i can remeber i never port forwarded. Also, yesterday (Sunday), i actually managed to get the green check mark and everything was working ok, but today no such luck. I probably changed something by mistake. Although i have the feeling there is some general problem with my router, because i am also having troubles hosting games online in other programs, but no need to address that here!

Repsond if ya can help me out.

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