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End to End encryption


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I would like to discuss the ongoing development of Protocol Encryption, as well as all other forms of traffic encryption.

(skip to bottom if you do not have time to kill)

We know that certain traffic patterns, and now Encrypted Traffic is getting throttled in areas.

I have in my hand a letter from TimeWarner cable that was sent to a person i know, that basicly says either some movies or music he had downloaded was a threat to him, his computer, children of the world... and so on. Lots of fear mongering about the dangers of downloading.

Now this person does not download much as he just figured out how to use torrents, and also Utorrent. Nor does he use other programs like kazaa.

Obviously he must have downloaded something that the RIAA has on there little list.

So the first thing i told him to do is use protocol encryption, and avoid legacy connections. I also mentioned he might want to alter his download habits for a while.

All that aside.......

What the hell is TimeWarner doing monitoring peoples communications in this mannor. To me that is a straight up violation of privacy.

So, does protocol encryption actually encrypt enough of Utorrents communications so that these out of control ISP's do not know what is in the encryption?

And if not... what options are available to encrypt ALL traffic. (VPNs, gateways)

What are some best methods on top of the protocol encryption?

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